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Tonkotsu Broth made from scratch

An authentic Japanese ramen in the suburbs is calling...

As we are living in the suburbs but trying to manage to get into the city sometimes is not an option, so we thought it might be a good idea if there is an authentic Japanese ramen shop here in Andover, so we decided to open one for ourselves 🙂 yet... we need to come up with the name...

On our trip to Japan, we learn about Hachiko the dog story, an Akita inu dog who is so loyal to his owner. It was his daily routine to walk together with his boss to the Shibuya train station until his boss died on the way to work, but Hashi didn't know about this and he continued to wait for his boss every day, it had been like this for around 10 years until he finally died.

We believe that being honest is the most important element of cooking, we promise our customers with high-quality deliciously awesome ramen. Hence, we chose the name Akita, which is a Japanese dog breed, just like Hachi that known for his faithfulness to his owner.

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